Mature Agile Project Management

Software and team metrics are our way of managing software development projects. By analyzing our metrics on quality and performance, we create added value for you.

What are software and team metrics?

Software and team metrics are measures to track the health of our software production process. They are related to your project’s timing, budget and scope and therefore allow us to improve and become more predictable.

Icon for training you and your team By keeping track of our quality and performance, Collectiv produces maximum added value for your software solution. As a client, you receive real-time information and complete transparency on the progress/status of your project.

Dealing with an ever-changing digital landscape

During the software production stage, it’s only normal that software development teams face different kinds of challenges:

  • Changing market needs that lead to new requirements
  • Changing technologies that offer new possibilities
  • Custom software solutions that were never developed before
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How exactly does Collectiv deal with change and innovation?

  • Predictions of budget consumption and scope delivery based on live and actual data
    We give you all the necessary handles to make informed decisions about your project upfront instead of after the facts.
  • Optimization of internal processes
    By analyzing our metrics, Collectiv can adjust and improve its processes where necessary and become more efficient in delivering added value for you. Eg. the analysis of bug metrics (Bug/Development ratio, Bug registration pattern, ...) allows us to spot trends and prevent certain bugs in the future.
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Different types of metrics

Collectiv uses 3 kinds of metrics:

We only choose the metrics that we need for a correct interpretation of your project. By generating and visualising in an automated manner, Collectiv keeps the time investment in project management as low as possible for you.

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