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Collectiv stands for stunning software solutions in Java, customized to your needs. Reusable building blocks, flexible teams and customer collaboration make it possible!

How does Collectiv build your software?

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Building blocks

During the years, Collectiv has implemented many software solutions for different clients. It’s only normal that each of these customers had its own project with specific requirements. Still, there are some functionalities that many applications have in common. By making software modules of these functionality packages (also known as building blocks), we can easily reuse code from previous projects.

Building blocks allow Collectiv to give your project a kickstart with common functionality already in place. The features for the base of your software solution are already available, you just need to pick the necessary ones from a growing list of modules. This way, we deliver functional software just a few weeks after project kick-off. And we can spend more time and money on developing features that are customized to your needs.

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Flexible teams

Collectiv team members are not bound to a specific project. We rotate them within our software factory to make sure they are familiar with all projects. By using Agile techniques such as pair programming, our developers share knowledge on the different software solutions.

What are the advantages of flexible teams for your project?

  • No dependency on a single team member
  • Scaling based on your project requirements inflow
  • Obtaining input from experts that are not full time available for your project, if necessary
Pair programming
Pair programming.
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Customer collaboration

At Collectiv, clients are partners that participate in the development process. In the end, your input is crucial to develop a software solution that fits the daily needs within your company.

A close collaboration and Agile practices ensure that we get the right information from you at the right moment. This approach allows us to foresee problems far before they even occur, so we can react properly before they become a risk for your project.

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Collectiv believes in an open culture where clients know what’s going on with their software solutions.

Not only do you get a clear view on the project state, but we also make sure to involve you in determining the next steps or adjusting the software, when needed. In fact, we invite you to join us on a regular basis at our offices. This way, you can see the actual work in progress and quickly answer any questions on the spot.

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Various projects, team members and customers share the same physical location at Collectiv. The result is a large pool of knowledge that is continuously at your disposal. Next to the community of team members, we also have a community of projects and customers. Knowledge sharing happens on an even higher level, because we aren’t limited to a single project or client. Cross-pollination between different software projects on a daily base proves to be very powerful.

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