Agile coaching

Keeping your development team Agile is not a one-man job. That’s why Collectiv provides an analysis of your organization in combination with Agile coaching and training for you and your team.

Analyzing your agility

Collectiv investigates the current agility of your organization and uncovers potential improvements. We perform an Agile analysis on different domains, including architecture, testing, development and releases.

Guiding you through the implementation

We believe that real knowledge is built on experience. Our Collectiv experts know how to avoid common problems and can help you and your team implement the new Agile way of working. We're experts because of our decade-long experience. That’s why we can offer Agile coaching to both you and your team during the execution of your project. We will give advice and answer your questions on a daily basis.

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Training you and your team

Our training method is as Agile as our mindset and we can adapt it to your team’s needs.

Icon for workshop Agile workshops

In the Agile workshops, Collectiv will explain how Kanban and Scrum are perfect alternatives for current methodologies and the quickest way of moving from the kick-off meeting to real results. We explain the theory but then quickly move on to specific examples in your field of work. We offer an introductory session covering a broad range of Agile topics as well as training days for teams of all sizes.

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