VAL-I-PAC • multiple applications

— Improve the usability for VAL-I-PAC's stakeholders

VAL-I-PAC is a non-profit organization that helps companies to manage and recycle industrial packaging waste. The Collectiv team is already working together with them for almost a decade.



A brief introduction

The VAL-I-PAC project initially started with the automation of the organization's business processes. Collectiv also simplified their complex network of different platforms to make it more user-friendly (myDeclaration, MonaLisa+, myCertificate, CRM & SSO).

At the moment, VAL-I-PAC and Collectiv are working together to re-shape the application landscape towards re-usable services. These services or modules can be (re-)used by the different stakeholders within VAL-I-PAC.

The challenge for Collectiv is to:

  • define the services that can be re-used.
  • make every service responsible for its own data-integrity.
  • ensure that the new systems using the defined services are sustainable and user-friendly for stakeholders.


Re-usable services and components

Icon for re-usable services and components Collectiv will execute the evolution from department-centric applications towards re-usable services step by step. When an application is impacted by change, the desired architecture for the future is taken into account. Services that can be defined will be isolated and become re-usable components.

The end result is that Collectiv can scale each application both for employees and customers of VAL-I-PAC, without the need for any major investment. The building blocks are easy to mix and match and the time to market is significantly shorter thanks to the Agile approach at all levels. This means that developing a new service or application tailored to the customer's needs is simple.

Used technologies / offerings

  • Java 8
  • Angular
  • OSGi
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Web Services Cloud
  • openAM