VAB • Retail component

— An extension on the VAB platform

Together with Collectiv, VAB Fleet Services had already built the Automotive Services platform to take care of the needs of commercial vehicle fleet owners. When the fleet dealers also wanted a full-fledged retail component on the platform, Collectiv made sure that it's able to match the styling of the car dealers.

VAB Fleet Services


The Automotive Services platform was already able to send customers to an external website for vehicle publications. Fleet dealers, however, put pressure on VAB Fleet Services to provide a full-fledged retail component on the platform itself.

This would offer the dealers a solid basis to sell their leasing and second-hand cars to customers through a new channel of distribution. All car brands should be able to integrate with this module and tailor it to their personal needs.

Thanks to our long-term project with VAB FS, they asked the Collectiv team to develop a retail component for the AS platform that:

  • places the proper names of car models, drive, … with the right car brand.
  • matches the styling/corporate branding of the car dealer.
  • aligns the number of filters with the number of cars in stock.


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Modular software design

Because of the modular ACA platform, it wasn’t that difficult to adapt the Automotive Services platform of VAB FS to the changing market needs (i.e. a retail component). The solution of the Collectiv team is a website that shows all sellable vehicles of a dealer to the consumer market (both to individual people and companies). The potential buyer is able to adjust the filter and layout to his wishes and pick out the appropriate car for him or her.

  • No installation required for new dealers
  • Flexible corporate branding for look & feel
  • Correct terms for each car brand
  • Easy & customized filtering
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Customer Advantages

By using the modular platform of ACA IT-Solutions, Collectiv can offer VAB FS:

  • reusable technical & functional building blocks
  • faster go-to-market
  • flexibility: efficient and easy adaptions
  • maximal value in a highly competitive market

VAB FS will be able to easily expand the Automotive Services platform to meet the needs of new target groups in the future.

Used technologies

  • AngularJS
  • Spring
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Felix
  • Jersey JAX-RS
  • Maven build
  • Docker
  • AWS