VAB • Fleet Services Platform

— Automating services for the used car stock of dealers

With the fleet dealer market evolving rapidly, VAB Fleet Services decided they needed to respond quickly by making new features and services available. Since the system's release in January 2014, Collectiv has helped VAB Fleet Services to respond instantly to new market needs by analyzing, developing and releasing new services in just a few weeks. This fast pace means we can release a steady stream of new services each month.

VAB Fleet Services


Building software modules

The Collectiv team had to design a platform that could easily be extended with new services. We also needed to build in maximum connectivity with future external systems. The services had to be developed in such a way that they could easily be combined to support any remarketing process defined by the different dealers and leasing companies.

Another goal was to build in high-quality components to ensure the platform could be maintained with minimal effort. Collectiv decided to achieve this by applying the design principle of separation of concerns (SoC) at all levels. The resulting rate of bugs would be low, so it would be possible to fix them all before the next release.



Icon for modular software design

Modular software design

Collectiv developed the VAB Fleet Services platform in Java and built it on top of an OSGi framework, which helps in designing a full modular system. The modularity means it is easy to add new functionality or services with minimal impact on existing modules. It also ensures a low bug rate and limits the need to rework existing modules. Users can access the system using a web application or an API based on the Siren framework, which offers endless possibilities for integrating other systems into the platform.

Used technologies

  • AngularJS
  • Apache Camel
  • Spring
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Felix
  • Jersey JAX-RS
  • LiquiBase
  • Maven build
  • Docker
  • AWS