Truvo • optimizing MySite

— Restructuring code & aligning IT with sales and marketing

Truvo, a local search and advertising company, has many years of experience in building websites for their customers. Their service MySite evolved from a fairly simple, WYSIWYG website editor into a multifunctional site constructor. Truvo's IT team excelled at adding new functionalities to the code. However, their rapid expansion complicated the architecture: there were countless layers of new code. This made it difficult for outsiders or new team members to see how it all fitted together.



Collectiv was contacted to coach the Truvo team for a more structured way of working, without losing their agility.

Some of the MySite challenges for the Collectiv team were:

  • Restructuring the code, starting from the source.
  • Aligning the sales and marketing team with the IT team through better communication and a more transparent planning system for IT requests.
  • Further improving the Scrum process, pair programming, test writing, story writing, planning, etc.


Modular software step by step

Icon for modular software design Collectiv broke down the core architecture of MySite into smaller modules. This enabled the Truvo team to communicate better internally and to apply evolutionary architecture. The Collectiv team also coached Truvo, helping them to adapt to the new way of working. They provided them with the tools to plan ahead and to communicate more efficiently.

The solution involved:

  • Breaking down the SOLID code and structuring it into smaller modules.
  • Defining the work process and implementing transparent planning.
  • Coaching the IT team for the three months that the Collectiv team worked on-site.

Used technologies / offerings

  • Evolutionary architecture
  • Agile coaching
  • Pair programming
  • Story writing