What is Collectiv? Who are we?

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As a business unit within ACA IT-Solutions, we stand for stunning software solutions in Java & outstanding consultancy. Learn more about our offering.

We are constantly looking for new ways to optimize our methods and culture. And we just love working closely together with our customers by following a lean methodology. As a result, Collectiv can develop great software solutions fit for the needs of your company.

Collectiv DNA

In Collectiv, we all share a passion for IT and software. We have experienced developers, analysts and project managers.

We improve and learn every day to make sure your trust in our expertise is not lost. You can rely on us.

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We deliver icon

We deliver

Through dedication

It sounds logical, but we actually deliver working software. And we are very serious about it: it is the dedication in our (professional) life.

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Caring about you and your business

Adding customer value is our core business

As a(ny) good partner, we respect you and your business. We'll take care of your problem and involve you the whole way through the end.

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Building your high-quality software

Low cost of change, high predictability

It’s a bold statement, but we build the best possible software solutions. Our state-of-the-art software development results in almost no production bugs. Modular software means lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher Return On Investment. If you want to know more, ask our metrics about the past projects. The proof is in the numbers.

Thinking and challenging icon

Thinking together and challenging you

We don't want a supplier, we want a partner.

A partner takes the road together with you. Collectiv wants to be that (software) partner. We are eager to understand your business, we think together with you. But we also challenge your ideas. Sometimes by building what you need instead of what you asked.